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Perrault Farms Harvesting Improvements

Perrault Farms Kiln & Baler buildings

Hop Kiln building, Baler building, Equipment Cover building, & more
This project consisted of constructing a 63'x310' hop kiln building, a 104'x250' hop baling facility, and a 50'x150' equipment cover building. We also installed new siding, a new standing seam roof, and new overhead and man doors on an existing 32'x96' storage building. Project duration was 10 months.

The new hop kiln construction included reinforced concrete tilt-up panels with exposed aggregate finish on the exterior, concrete slabs-on-grades, reinforced concrete tilt-up panels (12' to 15'tall) with smooth finish for the interior kiln rooms, and a metal building with hot-dipped galvanized structural steel columns and rafters. MBI insulation was installed under the standing seam roof. Also constructed a slab-on-deck walkway with epoxy flooring finish at the 12' elevation around the interior perimeter of the kiln rooms, an operations office, and several hot-dipped galvanized stairs with decks. Many overhead doors, man doors, and windows were installed as well.

The new baling facility construction included reinforced concrete tilt-up panels with exposed aggregate finish on the exterior, concrete slabs-on-grades, and metal building construction. This facility includes a 80'x180' baling room, an 80'x40' cold room, and a 24'x220' canopy lean-to along the west side of the building. During construction, we were asked to add another canopy area on the north end which turned out to be a 104' x 30' canopy building making the overall footprint to be 104'x250'. The baling room included two 120' long air trenches within the concrete floor slab and a 9'x16'x7' deep concrete pit with the top of the pit being flush with top of building finished floor elevation. Mechanical systems and electrical were added for the air trench fans, building ventilation fans and louvers, and cold room equipment. The cold room features bi-part cold room sliding doors. Portions of the west canopy were enclosed with same concrete tilt-up panel and metal building construction as the rest of the building. One portion included a 24'x96' two-story office area with stained concrete flooring and much more, and another portion turned out to be a 24'x41' dry storage area with overhead and man door included. On the east side, we included a 12'x24' engine room for the owner's compressor equipment.

The equipment cover building is a metal building with standing seam roof. All buildings included matching exterior colors. Site utilities included upgrade and runs of water and air lines to each of the buildings and stand pipes throughout. Toward the end of the project, we added final layer of gravel and majority of the site received asphalt. Finally, we added parking lot striping and handicap stalls to two areas.

Perrault Farms, Inc.

Toppenish, WA

56,470 sf of buildings plus more

Equipment Cover building

Kiln & Baler buildings

10 months

Harvesting Buildings

West side of Baler building with office & dry storage

Kiln & Baler buildings